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Kod EAN: 5410329303006

Kod produktu: X_18686_5410329303006

Czas dostawy: 8 - 11 dni

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    • number of switches: 8
    • length: 21.50mm
    • mechanical life: min. 5000 operations per switch
    • electrical life: min. 2000 operations per switch, 50mA/24Vdc
    • ratings:
      • non-switching: 100mA, 50Vdc
      • switching: 50mA, 24Vdc
    • circuit:
      • single-pole single-throw (SPST)
      • our standard : push down = 'on'
      • (push down for 'off' is optional)
    • materials and finish:
      • case: UL94-VO, PBT. PBT is glass-fibre reinforced
      • cover: UL94-VO, PBT. PBT is glass-fibre reinforced
      • actuators: UL94-VO, PBT. PBT is glass-fibre reinforced
      • terminals: phosphor bronze with 3 micro inches of gold plating over nickel
      • top seal: polyester film
    • electrical and mechanical specifications:
      • contact rating (carry):
      • (a): 50Vdc 100mA in constant situation
      • (b): 24Vdc 50mA with make-and-break
      • contact resistance (at current 100mA):
      • (a): initially max. 30mohm
      • (b): 100mohm max. after life test
      • insulation resistance (at voltage 500Vdc): min. 1000Mohm between adjacent terminals
      • capacitance: 5pF between adjacent terminals
      • dielectric breakdown voltage: 500Vdc / 1minute
      • operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C, no failures
      • shock: DIP switches withstand a saw-tooth waveform of 20gr 11ms, with no contact opening > 10 microseconds
      • vibration: MIL-STD-202F-method 201A, frequency : 10-55-10Hz/1 min., direction : X, Y, Z three directions that are perpendicular to each other. No mechanical damage or intermittent change of switch setting during or after testing
      • markings: special side or top markings are optional
    • packing:
      • all DIP switches are shipped in standard IC tubes with all poles in the 'off' position
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